See your Noise activity!
Jan 18 - 2024

See your Noise activity!

Now, you can view your Noise activity stats! how many fans have viewed your Noise and where they are coming from.

  • Added analytics for your Noise
  • Removed top tracks option
  • Improved how your catalogue looks like on mobile
  • Improved all themes
  • Minor improvements to the app's interface
Reorder your links!
Jan 6 - 2024

Reorder your links!

Although it took some time but now you can set the order of your links as you want!

  • Add the ability to re-order links
  • Minor improvements to the app's user interface
See your changes in real time!
Jan 4 - 2024

See your changes in real time!

No more going back and forth when editing your Noise, we've revamped the *editor* so you can immediately see your changes, just don't forget to hit save when you finish!

  • Revamped Noise editor
  • Make Noise load a bit faster
  • Improve Noise on mobile
  • Fix styling issues with Acoustic theme
  • Fix UI issues on Safari
Added a new theme called Pop!
Dec 28 - 2023

Added a new theme called Pop!

We've added a new theme called Pop, a nice modern theme that uses your cover as the background image. With modern typography, it's best suited for artists who want a trendy look.

  • New theme added!
  • Revamped all available themes
  • Made the Noise branding badge a bit smaller
  • Send feedback from your account page
Add any link you want!
Dec 27 - 2023

Add any link you want!

We've improved the way you add links to your site. In addition to social and streaming links, you now can add any link you want and customize its title too!

  • Improved they way you add links
  • Added Youtube Music and Patreon to links list
  • Allow adding general or random links
  • Allow adding a custom title for your link
Colorize your site!
Dec 26 - 2023

Colorize your site!

Palettes are here! It's a fun, easy and fast way to personalize your site even more and match it with your music, vibe and brand.

  • Added palettes for each theme
  • Revamped all themes to look better and load faster
Change your avatar and cover images
Dec 17 - 2023

Change your avatar and cover images

Now, you can upload your custom avatar and cover images. Also, we've added the ability to hide certain albums or singles from your music catalogue.

  • Add the ability to upload custom avatar and cover images
  • Enable hiding certain albums or singles from your music
  • Allow making a Noise from a Spotify URL for new artists
  • Fix favicons not showing properly
Noise Pro
Dec 11 - 2023

Noise Pro

A paid plan for artists who want to take their site to the next level. It allows you to unlock exclusive themes, set a custom domain (soon), remove Noise branding and more..

  • Add changelog page
  • Add billing section to the account page
  • Hide Noise badge if you're logged in
Added a new theme called Acoustic
Dec 9 - 2023

Added a new theme called Acoustic

A calm theme with a beautiful serif font, perfect for acoustic, warm and indie vibes.

  • Improve onboarding for new users
  • Rename the "design" tab name to be "theme"
  • Improve the artist's site speed
Added a new theme called Psychedelic
Dec 6 - 2023

Added a new theme called Psychedelic

A unique theme with a wide font, perfect for psychedelic, electornic and futuristic vibes.

  • Fix X and Twitter links collapsing with each other
  • Improve default theme look and feel
  • Improve the artist's site meta tags for better SEO
  • Fix issue with social links not showing properly
Launched Noise!!!
Dec 1 - 2023

Launched Noise!!!

Noise is a platform that allows musicians and artists to create a beautiful website from their Spotify artist profile.

  • Create a site from your Spotify
  • Update your site info
  • Show your full catalogue or just top tracks
  • Add and remove your social links
  • Keep your site always updated